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Why Zip Code Ads?

In short, you'll be an Elite Agent able to generate More Leads. More Sales. More Commissions.®
  1. Only Elite Agents are seen for the zip code and city. Non-paying agents for a zip code are no longer seen.

  2. Your Zip Code Ad will be seen on and TodayWeBuy.

  3. Additionally your Banner Ad will be seen on if you are first to sign up for a zip code.

  4. You will receive any Instant Agent Leads in your area 45 minutes before other agents.

  5. You will be listed first on Find Pro searches before non-paying agents.

  6. You can easily convert your TodayWeBuy post into a Sponsored Ad for a city.

  7. We tweet your listings on Twitter and TodayWeBuy daily.

  8. When buyers or sellers join or, we will email them your contact information along with other Elite Agents in your local area.
When you pay for a zip code ad, you capture the zip code. Unlike other real estate websites, we limit the number of agents for a given zip code. Only 18 agents can be associated with a zip code, not hundreds like other sites.

However, the first agent to sign up for a zip code receives special benefits as they are in the "first position" for the zip code. These benefits include having their banner ad being displayed, can capture Instant Agent Leads first before other agents, have their information emailed to any new buyers/sellers when they join and/or for the areas they support. We also stop providing benefits for non-paying agents for the given area too, such as sending Agent Blasts to a city or being auto-tweeted on Twitter and TodayWeBuy. In short, we reward those agents who help support over non-paying agents.

Sign Up Today

To sign up for Zip Code Ads and Instant Agent Leads:
  1. Log into To login, click Login or Register if a new user. Enter your e-mail address and password. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password? and a new password will be emailed to you.

  2. Click Zip Code Ads.

  3. Enter any promo code then click Redeem Promo Code button.

  4. Click on Add to Cart button next to one or more zip codes you wish to advertise in.

  5. Quantity will be set to 1 for 1 month. Increase the quantity for more than one month.

  6. Click Check Out to pay by credit card or click PayPal to make payment.

  7. Click Pay to make payment.
Once payment is processed (usually instantly), you can refresh your zip code ads page. The From Date and To Date will be automatically inserted and your ads will be running. To see your zip code ads, seach your zip code or city.

If you don't see your zip code in the list, select Add City to add which cities you service. will then display the zip codes for the city under zip code ads.

Zip Code Ads

There are two types of ads: banner ads and zip code ads. Below is a banner ad:

A zip code ad follows:

Zip code ads are targeted ads displayed prominently when a buyer searches for properties.

When your ad is selected, buyers and sellers will see your profile page on or can go directly to your website. It's easy to create your own ads on our website by clicking on the Edit Ads once logged in.

There are advantages in signing up for a zip code ad first. The first agent to sign up for a zip code is placed in the first position. Only the first position member has both a banner ad and zip code ad displayed on zip code searches. Signing up early gets your ad better placement.

To sign up for a zip code ad, log into and click on Zip Code Ads. PayPal can used to securely process your payment for one or more zip codes. Once payment is received, your ads will be viewable on our website. Alternatively if you don't want to use PayPal, you can call us at 805-586-3445 and mail in your payment. We can start your zip code ad and lock in your position prior to receiving payment.

Real estate agents and professionals, such as appraisers, escrow offices, banks, mortgage loan specialists, home inspectors, and others, can advertise their services on You are responsible for creating and maintaining your profile on to ensure your information is correct.

The default ad is your photo, name, office, phone number, e-mail, and introduction video (if present), each with their associated links.

As an alternative to banner and zip code ads, you can upload a JPEG file, such as a scanned copy of your business card or graphic, to be used on The size of the JPEG file can be up to 250 pixels x 110 pixels.

Your ad will be placed on the main page where multiple listings are displayed after a search is performed. This provides potential clients a point of contact for properties or for your professional services.

To maximize your visibility, we limit the number of agent or professional ads per zip code. If this limit is reached, the zip code is no longer available. But you can click on the Add to Wait List to be placed on the wait list for a given zip code. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of agents per zip code in the future. The current limit is 18 ads per zip code. We do not expect to increase this limit.

You will be in the First Position so long as you continue to pay for advertising for the zip code without interruption. If for any reason you decide (or accidentally forget) to not pay the monthly advertising fee, the member who is in the Second Position will move into the First Position. All other agents advertising in the zip code will move up one position too. If you decide to begin advertising with LLC again, you will need to start in the lowest available position. If there are no openings, you can be placed on our wait list. Our approach encourages members to advertise with us in the long run. Please note, pricing and terms can change without notice and at anytime.

Zip Code Searches

When buyers perform a zip code search, your ad is displayed 100% of the time unless the buyer specifies a very restrictive search criteria which would limit the number of properties returned.

Your ad will be placed in either the first through 18th position (similar to band member positions). Your position depends on when you sign up for a zip code ad. The first position ad is the most desirable and is the top, leftmost ad. The first position is assigned to the agent who signed up for a given zip code first. The second position ad is in the top, middle and the third position is the top, right. Then 10 listings will be displayed. If there are agents or professionals in the fourth, fifth, or sixth position, their ads will be displayed next. Another 10 listings will be displayed and if there are agents or professionals in the seventh, eighth, or nineth positions, their ads will be displayed next. If there are fewer ads, then the existing ads are repeated.

City Searches

Unlike zip code searches where the first, second, and additional positions are predetermined, city searches display ads in random order. When a city search is performed, the professional who has paid for the most zip codes covering the city will be displayed more often. For example, there are three zip codes for Camarillo, California. If an agent pays to be listed on all three, this agent will be displayed more often than an agent who may have paid for one or two zip codes.

Find Pro Searches

When buyers click on Find Pro, those agents and professionals running Zip Code Ads are listed before all other agents and professionals.


When buyers click on >PLAY to play real estate shows, only those agents and professionals running Zip Code Ads are listed as point of contacts.

Instant Agent™

To generate new leads for agents, lets buyers and sellers request assistance on short notice by clicking on the Instant Agent button. Agents who run zip code ads are emailed first before other members.

When a buyer clicks on the Instant Agent button, the clock starts. Our goal is to respond to a buyer's request for information with an agent response in one hour or less.

Here are the details.

Level  Who Is Notified  Timeline

  First Position Agent  0 Minutes
  Second Position Agent  5 Minutes
  Third Position Agent  10 Minutes
  Agents With Zip Code Ad  15 Minutes
  Agents With Zip Code Ad in City, State  30 Minutes
  All Agents in City, State  45 Minutes

The above table shows that the First Position Agent is the only agent notified about the lead for the first 5 minutes. If the first agent captures the lead within 5 minutes, no other agents are notified. After 5 minutes, the Second Position Agent is notified. For 10 minutes, only the first and second agents will have been notified about the lead. This process continues for the other agents in the table. After 45 minutes, most, if not all, agents who service the city will be notified unless the lead has been captured.

The first agent to capture the lead is emailed the buyer's contact information. Other agents who try to capture the same lead will be informed the lead has already been captured.

Agents who run zip code ads can optionally be sent a text message informing them of the lead. All major wireless carriers are supported. Text messages are sent from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To be paged, members need to specify their wireless carrier and timezone.

If there are no agents who match the level, the level is skipped. However, the lead is reserved for 45 minutes for one or more agents who paid for zip code ads that match the zip code or city, state. After 45 minutes, most, if not all, members will be emailed with the lead who service the city unless the lead has been captured.

The one exception is if no members are running a zip code ad for the city. In this case, All Agents in City, State will be sent the lead when the buyer makes the request.

Instant Agent Leads is a free service to all of our members. Members can opt out from receiving email leads.

  • Zip code ads are filled on a first come, first served basis.

  • The first agent to sign up is placed in the first position for a zip code, second agent to sign up in second position, and so on.

  • To maximize your visibility, we limit the number of ads per zip code.

  • Immediately after payment is made, your ad will be displayed.

  • Instant Agent Leads are created when a buyer makes a request.

  • Instant Agent Leads are sent to agents who have zip code ads first by email and optionally by text message.

  • The agent who captures an Instant Agent Lead needs to call the buyer quickly.

  • For zip code searches, ads are ordered by their "position".

  • For zip code searches, both a banner ad and zip code ad are displayed for the agent in the "first position".

  • For city searches, ads are randomly ordered and selected from all zip code ads for the city.

  • For city searches, the banner ad and zip code ad may be displayed for an agent in the first position.

  • For "Find Pro" searches, agents signed up for zip code ads are listed before non-paying agents.

  • For multimedia shows, only agents signed up for zip code ads are used as contacts.

  • When your ad is selected, buyers will see your profile on or can go directly to your website.

  • Agents or professionals who advertise in multiple zip codes for a given city will be displayed more often than an agent who advertises in only one zip code when a buyer performs a city search.

  • Agents and professionals can create and edit ads by clicking on Edit Ads to create your banner and regular ads online.

  • If a zip code is full, you can click on Add To Wait List.


Have questions or need help? Feel free to email us at or call us at 805-586-3445.

Zip Code Ads
6 Months
1 Month Free
($100 Savings
over $50/month)
12 Months
2 Months Free
($300 Savings
over $50/month)
1 Month
(Try us for 1 month)

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