Suzanne Ash
DRE 01914113​

Attention to detail

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PHONE: 707-495-9133​
E-MAIL: E-mail Suzanne
OFFICE: Terra Firma Global Partners
  130 Petaluma Avenue
  Suite 1C
  Sebastopol, CA 95472
MEMBER SINCE: 10/09/2013
VIEWS: 703
Service Areas
    Bodega, Forestville, Granton, Guerneville, Santa Rosa, Valley Ford

    Suzanne Ash joined the Terra Firma Global Partners Sonoma Offices in 2013. After more than 20 years developing, marketing and implementing intensive programming in the health industry, Suzanne brings passion, humor and a love of Sonoma County and the rural communities she serves to her real estate career. A Southern California Girl originally, she quickly acclimated to wine country and quality of life it offers. Suzanne has spent the last five years honing her local knowledge and love of selling.

    Suzanne transitioned into the real estate profession after working in the Health Industry for 27 years. She believes the skill set she had developed working with the public and prior oversight of community health programs gives her the natural ability and qualifications to manage the sales and acquisition process with ease, taking the angst out of real estate. She grew up in a family of real estate brokers and investors in Southern California and understands what it takes to help people achieve their dreams of owning a home. As a second generation REALTOR there is a family ethic and enjoyment in helping people find the perfect property for investment, vacation, or a place to call “home”. Suzanne works side-by-side with her clients to walk them through the intricacies of the real estate transaction with integrity, consistency and a detailed approach to make the work a lot more enjoyable.

    Suzanne believes in “community” and is no stranger to lending a helping hand to those around her. She has been actively involved with the Guerneville Homeless Program and At The Crossroads (a youth homeless program in San Francisco). She also enjoys singing (Song of Sonoma, SAI Choir), all types of music, hiking, yoga, and architecture.

    With an understanding that business is to make money, but to live a dream, and mix both is what drives her today. To feel good watching dreams get reinvented, helping people see the next steps more clearly while brushing away the miscellaneous that is irrelevant – that is the passion she brings to the industry and sets her apart.

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