Michelle St.Clair
DRE 01449428​

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PHONE: 323-665-1700​
FAX: 323-665-1780​
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OFFICE: Sotheby's International Realty
  1801 North Hillhurst Avenue
  Los Angeles, CA 90027
MEMBER SINCE: 02/28/2014
VIEWS: 548
Service Areas
    Echo Park, Los Angeles, Pasadena
    Having been a longtime resident and homeowner of the East Side environs has fueled Michelle's passion for championing the neighborhood to all her clients who move into the area for the first time. By her familiarity with the neighborhood she can show clients that unlike other areas of Los Angeles that can feel like contiguous suburbs, Los Feliz and its surrounding areas truly offer people the experience of a real neighborhood.

    Michelle graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in Communication and previous to joining real estate had a successful marketing career with the entertainment/music industry. Her previous experience of marketing in an extremely competitive area of business has proved especially useful to her clients who always need a unique way to have their homes highlighted with lots of attention.

    The diversity of Michelle's interests illustrates her well-rounded enthusiasm, which she utilizes in all aspects of doing a job she genuinely knows she makes a difference in. This includes membership in the grassroots organization of The Echo Park Historical Society and doing various philanthropic activities with her fellow members of Biltmore's Who's Who professional organization. Her personal philosophy about people coincides with her business credo, which is that individuals who live in homes or buy land are the most important element in any real estate transaction.

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