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    To search for properties, you can enter in the box area either:

    • City, State
    • Zip Code
    • Address, City, State
    • Id# (for a property)

    In addition, you can specify the minimum number of Bedrooms (Beds) and Bathrooms (Baths), minimum Square Footage (SqFt), a price range from low to high, the maximum days on the market (Days), and minimum year built (Year).

    After performing a search, you can click on >SHOW to play a generated slide show on your laptop, phone, SmartTV, tablet, or other device. You can also save your search by clicking Save Search.

    Below are some example searches supported on

    CityLos Angeles
    New York
    City, StateAnchorage, AK
    Honolulu, HI
    Los Angeles, CA
    Los Angeles, California
    Boston, MA
    Zip Code90210

    Additional attributes supported for listings only.
    Street NameSkyline Drive
    Need to use "Avenue", "Blvd", "Court", "Drive", "Road", or "Street" in name.
    Address1600 Pennsylvania Ave
    Address, City123 Main Street, Chicago
    Address, City, State234 Derby Street, Seattle, WA
    Tract Home NameThe Willows, Crescent City
    Need to specify the city too.
    Area NameEstates, Camarillo
    Need to specify the city too. Id1234's assigned Web Id or Listing Id for a single property.
    City, CountryMoscow, Russia
    Paris, France
    Country Greece
    New Zealand

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