How To Use

Here are some quick hints on how to use

On the home page, you can enter city, state or zip code to search for properties anywhere in the USA. After clicking on Search, the current listings for the city are displayed.

Also on the home page, you can Sign In or Create an Account.

On the Sign In page, you can sign in using your user id/password or your alias/password. Your alias will begin with the @ sign, like @john.

If you don't have an account, you can create a new account. If you are a buyer or seller, click I'm a Buyer/Seller. If you are an agent, broker, or a real estate professional, like an appraiser or loan officer, click I'm an Agent/Professional.

And finally, if your not ready to sign up yet, you can visit using our limited guest account.

Once logged in you will see across the top:
  • Home - Display's home page.

  • Find Pro - View agents and professionals who service your local area.

  • Instant Agent - Have questions? Have one, and only one, agent call you to answer your questions without any further commitment. Our goal is to respond to your request within one hour.

  • Print - Prints the current page.

  • Save $$$ - Save money by letting local agents compete for your business.

  • Filter - Change your search criteria by selecting minumum number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other attributes.

  • ? - View this helpful page on how to use

  • Login/Logout - Login or logout of

When Logged In As A Buyer
After performing a search, you can click on the red dots on the map to view a popup of the property. You can view the property details and click on Map or Street View from the popup. Below the map is where properties are listed. Here you can read the property details, description, view map or street view, select Info, and compare properties. To compare, select two or more property boxes and click Compare.

Local agents, if any, will be displayed among the properties. Click on the agent ad to display the agent's profile. You can also select Email, View Profile, and if present, View Show.

To change your buyer profile, log into and select Edit Profile.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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