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    Imagine while viewing an open house video tour, you could make decisions on where you wanted to go next on the tour. This would be very similar to an actual open house tour when you are physically present and where you make decisions on what to see next.

    Interactive Open House Video ToursTM, or iTours, allow potential buyers to decide which video clip of an open house tour to view next based on the buyer's current location in the home. It does this by defining a number of paths that a buyer can take to view the property. For each path, a short video is created. Some paths require two videos to show how the property would be viewed while walking in both directions.

    Before you make your video, here are some pointers to consider:

    • Map It. Draw a diagram showing all the paths through the property. Some paths will be two way, e.g., a path from the Living Room to the Kitchen and a second path from the Kitchen to the Living Room. You don't need to draw the actual rooms on paper, but rather just the paths between room names.

    • Define The Race Track. A "race track" is the main path through the property. A race track shows most of the property in the least amount of time. When videoing a property, we recommend you first take video clips which define the race track. Then you can go back and take video clips of all other defined paths. After you are done with taking all video clips, you can change what the race track is for a property at any time.

    • Define The Targets When you walk from the Front Yard to the Living Room, pick an object in the Living Room to end the video clip on. When you create next video clip from the Living Room to say the Hallway or Kitchen start the video clip focused on the same object. When a race track is defined, the video clip will then end on the object and the next video clip will start up on the same object. An object can be anything like the fireplace, the doorway to the next room, or a view out a window.

    • Special Features/Areas To Video. Before video taping, ask the agent if there are any special features or areas to concentrate the video on to highlight such features.

    • Lights, Action! A well lit room makes the best video. Turn on the lights and open the curtains or shades in each room before video taping the property.

    • No Wobble. Steady Mate! As you video tape the property, make sure the video camera is as still as you can make it. You don't want the final video to seem like you took it while on a ship in the ocean.

    • "Video Photos." A video photo is a momentary pause on a room or area while you are video taping a property. By pausing, the video won't be blurry and provides the viewer with sharp, clearer video.

    • Unbranded Video for MLS. An unbranded version does not contain the listing agent's name, listing's office, agent's image, or any contact information, including a "for sale" sign in front of the property. The purpose of an unbranded video is to even the playing field so a prospective buyer will contact their own agent rather than the listing agent directly. supports both branded and unbranded videos.

    • Take Photos. supports photo slide shows and photos can be used to set up a link to the Interactive Open House Video Tour too.

    The three main steps to create your own Interactive Open House Video Tour are:

    1. Define the paths for a property.

    2. Make and Upload video clips for each path.

    3. Define the "race track" for the property.

    The first step in creating an interactive tour is to define the paths for a given property. Every property will be different. But a typical home might be defined by the following paths:

      1. From Front Yard to Living Room.
      2. From Living Room to Hallway.
      3. From Hallway to Master Bedroom.
      4. From Hallway to Bedroom 2.
      5. From Hallway to Bedroom 3.
      6. From Hallway to Bathroom 1.
      7. From Hallway to Living Room.
      8. From Living Room to Kitchen.
      9. From Kitchen to Living Room.
      10. From Living Room to Bathroom 2.
      11. From Living Room to Garage.
      12. From Living Room to Back Yard.
      13. From Back Yard to Front Yard.
      14. From Living Room to Front Yard.

    If there are two or more paths from one location to another location, like two paths that can be taken from the living room to say the kitchen, then one path would be defined as the "default path" and the other path would be defined as an "Alternative 1" path. If there is a third way to go from the living room to the kitchen, then this path could be defined as an "Alternative 2" path.

    The second step, which is done once all of the paths are defined for a property, is to make and upload a short video clip for each defined path. The clips can be created using your iPhone, Android, tablet, or a regular video camera.

    As you upload each video, will keep track and inform you which paths still need a video to be uploaded. When all paths have a video associated with them, you're done with step 2.

    The third step is to define the "race track" for the property. The race track is the preferred path you would like the buyer to take to view the property. It would be similar to you giving a tour of the property to a potential buyer. To create a race track, you first select the paths from all video paths defined and then order them. For example, a race track could be: From Front Yard To Living Room, From Living Room To Hallway, From Hallway To Master Bedroom, From Hallway To Bedroom 2, From Hallway To Bathroom, From Hallway To Living Room, From Living Room To Kitchen, and From Kitchen To Backyard.

    Still have questions? We're only a phone call away!

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