Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      1. What does "patent pending" mean? submitted a patent to the United States Patent Office. This patent is currently under review. If the U.S. Patent Office awards a patent, only can support those features found in our patent today and for the next 18 years if and when a patent is awarded.
      2. What US cities are supported?   Users can search for properties in any city in the USA using
      3. supports agents worldwide, but has a local feel. What does this mean? was designed to support all 50 states on its first day of business and supports international properties too. has a local feel because once we know which area a potential buyer is interested in, our web site displays properties found in their local area, including the photos found on our web page along the top.
      4. What is, from +1 Software Engineering LLC, is a national and international real estate listing service used by By default, agent listings on are published to on a daily basis. publishes a "complete" publication of your listing including agent contact information, general property information, list of features, photos, and video when present. These listings are then made available to other real estate web sites.
      5. Who pays for   To generate revenue, supports zip code targeted advertising for agents, banks, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and anyone else who is involved with real estate.

    In addition, supports national, state, and city advertisements. A national ad would be displayed in all 50 states. A state ad would be displayed for a specific state. And a city ad would be displayed for a specific city. If interested in ad space, please contact
      6. What types of property searches does support?   Many! The primary searches are:
    1. City, State
    2. Zip Code
    3. Address, City, State
    Please view search options to see all options supported.
      7. Is there a way to select which photos are shown on the flyer?   Yes, but it's a bit tricky.

    The filenames used for the photos are sorted in alphabetical order. When there are four or less photos, all photos are displayed on the flyer in alphabetical order based on their filenames. But when there are five or more photos, only the first four photos are used. Agents can rename their photos 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, and 04.jpg. These four photos will be used in this order on the flyer.

    Agents have and can print out the flyer to hand out during an actual open house. Some advantages to our flyer is the font size is easier to read, our flyer has a nice layout, and we show up to four photos of the property.
      8. How do you create an Interactive Open House Video Tour?   Please view our Interactive Open House Video Tours link for details.
      9. Explain how zip code advertising works?   Please view our Zip Code Advertising link for details.
      10. I don't see Street View, but instead only see a map. Why?   If you're not able to see the Street View, it simply means the Google vehicle didn't drive down the street you wanted to see. In these instances, only the map is viewable.
      11. I don't see videos playing in Internet Explorer. Why?   If you're not able to play videos in Internet Explorer, you likely need to install the Windows Media Feature Pack (KB968211).
      12. Can "stream" video?   Steaming allows users to start viewing video before the entire video file is downloaded.

    And yes, our web site runs the Darwin Streaming Server (DSS) which allows to stream video. But what we learned are web browsers, smart phones, and tablets do not enjoy native support for streaming.

    To get streaming to work, users are required to either download additional software (like VLC Media Player, Winamp, or Quicktime), possibly resolve the issue by running commands (e.g., as found in Article 940029), or must realize that streaming is not supported on their devices (like the iPhone).

    Because our goal is to have work on all web browsers, smart phones, and tablets without having our users make any changes at all, does not stream videos. Today, we recommend agents use external sites, like which streams video using Flash, to play large video files on

    In the future when such technology is in common use, is looking to support WebM and/or HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for streaming open house videos.
      13. Who is this?
      That's "Oh!", short for "Open House!", who adds character to our web site!

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