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This is a 360 degree video.

Using Chrome or Android devices, you can move video up, down, right, or left and use VR goggles to view presentation in virtual reality too!

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LA TechDay 2016
LA TechDay was held on September 22 at The Reef located downtown Los Angeles. There were 250 vendors and 10,000 attendees. We had a great time meeting those who attended.

View our TechDay Presentation Slides

Photos from the event:

Our prize winners for Exeo's Krankz Headphone and VR Googles:
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Zip Code Ads
Elite Agent Ads, which can easily be created online, are prominently placed in front of local buyers when they search for properties. If you're first to sign up for a zip code, you get the banner ad for free.

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Instant Agent Leads™
Elite Agents are emailed and text messaged leads when buyers request help. As an Elite Agent, you can capture leads 45 minutes before other agents. Within the last month, four (4) Instant Agent Leads from Chicago to Manhattan Beach were not captured.

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Agent Blasts™
Elite Agents can send:
  1. New Listing Blasts
  2. Open House Agent Blasts
  3. Price Reduction Agent Blasts
Blasts sent to local agents and buyers.

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Agent Shows
Elite Agents can make and narrate Agent Shows for your listings or office listings. You can post your shows on social media sites, like Facebook, or email them to your buyers.

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Video Tours
Elite Agents save time and close deals faster by letting buyers view multiple video tours online. Buyers inform you which of these properties they would like to see in person. Make video tours using your smartphone or tablet. We support video, 360 degree video, and virtual reality video tours.

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Interactive Video Tours
Elite Agents can create our U.S. patented Interactive Open House Video Tours™, which let you decide where to go next on a video tour.

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Since Your Last Visit Shows
Easily keep up-to-date on local listing by viewing only new properities or changes to previously listed properties since your last visit. Our multimedia shows can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or SmartTV.

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Agent Website
Elite Agents have their own website on ForSaleOpenHouse.com. Your video listings, listings, contact information, office, and profile are found online.

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Property Listings/Flyers
Elite Agents can quickly create and customize property listings (using "blocks"). Print flyers too.

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Find Pro
Elite Agents are listed first when buyers select Find Pro to locate local agents. Unlike some sites, it's free to be listed on OpenHouseOn.com.

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Blog Away!
Unlike other websites, OpenHouseOn.com supports text, audio, video, 360 degree video, and even virtual reality blogging. Blogs are on local areas, questions, tips, agent shows, office shows, and more.

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Elite Offices
Generate more commissions for your entire office by letting every agent be an Elite Agent at a major discount.

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Nationwide Listings
Listings for every city in every state. Buyers can view listings, photos, slide shows, and full-screen videos, street views, and maps.*

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GPS Search
Press one button on your smartphone or tablet while in front of a property listed on OpenHouseOn.com and instantly see pricing, slide show, videos, and property information.

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Virtual Reality
First real estate website to support 360 degree and Virtual Reality.

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Social Media
Post your listings to Facebook, Pintrest, Google+, and other social media sites.

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SEO Mastery
Your video listings will be on the first page of YouTube or you don't pay us.

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